Supplementation with apple juice attenuates presenilin-1 overexpression during dietary and genetically-induced oxidative stress
Chan A, Shea TB.
Department of Biological Sciences,
Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research,
University of Massachusetts,
Lowell, MA 01854, USA.
J Alzheimers Dis. 2006 Dec;10(4):353-8.


Gain-of-function mutations in the presenilin-1 (PS-1) promote Alzheimer's disease (AD) by increasing reactive oxygen species, at least part of which is derived by an accompanying increase in generation of amyloid-beta (Abeta). Additional studies indicate that impaired Apolipoprotein E function, which also increases oxidative stress and is also associated with AD, potentiates the deleterious activity of PS-1. Folate deficiency is also associated with AD and potentiates the impact of both ApoE deficiency and beta exposure. More recently, folate deficiency has been shown to increase PS-1 expression. Since dietary supplementation with apple juice provides neuroprotection against ApoE deficiency, Abeta exposure and folate deficiency, we examined the impact of apple juice on PS-1 overexpression. Herein, we demonstrate that dietary deficiency in folate and vitamin E increased PS-1 expression in juvenile and adult normal C57B1/6J and ApoE-/- mice and in aged normal mice. Supplementation with apple juice concentrate (AJC) attenuated or prevent these increases. Prior studies demonstrate that impaired DNA methylation resulting from a deficiency in S-adenosylmethionine (SAM, which is rapidly depleted following folate deprivation) leads to PS-1 overexpression, and that direct supplementation with SAM attenuates PS-1 overexpression. We determined that AJC contained levels of SAM comparable to those capable of suppressing PS-1 overexpression, suggesting that the SAM content of AJC represents a potential mechanism for preventing PS-1 overexpression, and further highlighting the possibility that AJC provides neuroprotection by mechanisms in addition to its antioxidant potential.

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