Clinical efficacy of almitrine-raubasine. An overview
Allain H, Bentue-Ferrer D.
Laboratoire de Pharmacologie Experimentale et Clinique,
Faculte de Medecine, Rennes, France.
Eur Neurol. 1998;39 Suppl 1:39-44


Different pharmacological properties of almitrine-raubasine show that this combination may be a good therapy for the treatment of age-related cerebral disorders and functional rehabilitation after stroke. Many clinical studies have been carried out in France and in the rest of Europe, confirming the value of this compound in such situations. Without discussing the complexity of clinical trials in both the areas of cognitive disorders and stroke, we shall present two studies demonstrating the beneficial effects of almitrine-raubasine against cognitive impairments. The first is a double-blind controlled study versus placebo with a 3-month follow-up period involving patients (aged between 60 and 85) with memory loss, lack of concentration, impaired mental altertness, and emotional instability. The second is a controlled multicenter study of 155 outpatients (age 70-85) presenting with cognitive decline (assessed by MMSE, SCAG). In both these studies, almitrine-raubasine significantly improved symptomatology and was superior to placebo, especially in the vascular cases. This confirms the validity of previous studies and justifies the indication of these compounds in the treatment of age-related cognitive disorders. Other studies also demonstrated the beneficial effect of this compound on neurosensory vascular disorders, with specific studies carried out on chorioretinal dysfunctions (visual symptomatology) and in vestibular disorders (vertigo associated with electronystagmographic modifications). The appropriate and usual dosage (2 tablets per day) and the good tolerance of the compound have been confirmed in a French multicentric study in 5,361 outpatients.

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