The effect of piracetam on the behavior of
Nauphoeta cinerea cockroaches in an open field

Inozemtsev AN, Tselkova NV,
Bernui LK, Zhuzhikov DP, Tushmalova NA.
Lomonosov State University, Moscow.
Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova 1998 Mar-Apr;48(2):260-6


For 30 min the behaviour of 164 male cockroaches was studied in an "open field" analog. At the 31st min the electrical light was switched on and the examination was continued for 10 min. It was found out that the insects placed in the "open field" and subjected to a sudden illumination behaved in a similar way. After the initial freezing a sharp increase in the motor activity was observed with subsequent habituation. Per os administration of 200-400 mg/kg of piracetam (a solution of 5 mg of the drug and 500 mg of honey in 5 ml of water) did not change the freezing period but accelerated habituation and decreased the locomotion augmentation caused by the light. The obtained data suggest that piracetam improves memory and non-associative learning and exerts a stress-protective effect on cockroaches.

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